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On Moving to Ashland Oregon


On Moving to Ashland Oregon

By Jaida Glessner

Moving – it can be a tough reality. Some refer to this as relocating. Others justify the leap as “following their dreams.” Whatever people prefer to term the endeavor there is one thing we all have to deal with, and that is stress.

Stress hits immediately and you panic about everything you can possibly think of going wrong. “Is my car capable of the trip? Will I have enough money? What’s the rental availability in this place? If I change my mind am I going to have to do this all over again?”

These were only a select few of the questions buzzing in my head as I rushed to have everything in place two months ago. I was excited, terrified and upset all at the same time as I contemplated my move to Ashland. As I made communications and connections, however, I found the process that ensured my peace of mind.

The first step happened when I made the call to re-visit Ashland, where I had only been in once before. It’s necessary to understand the aspects of a destination; the layout of businesses, accessibility to favorite stores, entertainment venues and general mood of the place.

After three days of re-visiting, I was in love. I went through the Ashland Food Co-op and had a checklist of my favorite (or essential) items that I want to be available- and they were all there!

I was pleased to also find the historic and very accessible Varsity Theatre right in downtown as well.

The bonuses in my days of exploring town were the consignment stores, antique shops, and hole-in-the-wall book and music stores that adorn the main streets. I have seen so much character in the people around town, such variety, energy and all apparently grateful to live in Ashland.

Yes, no doubt, this is where I want to be.

So on went the preparations. A popular tool we all are familiar with is craigslist. Everything you can think of finding advertised is there. Thankful we all are, for leads on rentals, job recruiters and more. Although searching this religiously multiple times a day over a span of several months feels like a good idea, and it does have the potential, it only gives you so much help.

To be thorough, other sources must be utilized. More online advertising pages are a good way to start by comparing ad availability. I was able to find very valuable information using both southernoregonhelpwanted.com and message boards via University sponsored pages.

Above all, however, is the face-to-face conversation with people in the community. The best opportunities have come through talking to everyone I meet. Strike up a discussion with someone at your favorite hangout, or at your ideal workspace. Simply posing questions about what they may know, concerning local employment or who they know that is trying to rent a space can really get you some exciting results.

From my experience now I have come to accept that there is a certain amount of waiting that must go on. These moments can feel like they are dragging on forever….and ever. However, it’s inevitable. So what I worked on while I was anxiously peeking at my phone and inbox was getting even more familiar with the town.

I took a drive around to places I hadn’t been yet, and went on foot down various, intriguing streets. As I said before, I knew that this town was something special, but the acceptance for my new home really impacted me.

I was grinning, ambling along pathways and observing the landscape, public art displays, and other people appreciating their days. One day I discovered the other grocery stores; Market of Choice, Shop’n Kart, Safeway and an Albertson’s. I had no idea there were so many options within city limits!

The library is great and as it is in such a beautiful old building, it’s always attracting my attention.

In any direction there are walking paths, bike trails and dog friendly play areas. It is also a treat to have a YMCA nearby, where you know you can access many recreational classes and groups. This all was an important part to me “moving” and settling in, to get that local feel and absorb my fun, new lifestyle.

All is right in my world now. I love the work space I get to be a part of and I couldn’t imagine living in a more perfect location for my apartment. I am able to walk to work within ten minutes, and the SOU campus is a little farther but still close.

There are bound to be things to deal with along the way but for now, I am satisfied. Remember these points for your next move; organize your priorities, make use of all available online and local advertising, reach out for personal connections and have patience. If you are inspired by your choice to move and are willing to do what it takes to have a successful transition, the process will always work out.

May contentment be yours on your next moving adventure!

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